All Black Lives Matter. The lives of people living with HIV and those we lost to AIDS mattered then and still matter today. We hold these truths to be evident, that all Black Men, Women, Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, Non-binary and Children are created equal.

For many years, the Black Community has struggled with Homophobia, Racism, Oppression and Stigma as it relates to HIV/AIDS. The thousands of Black lives lost to this insidious disease deserves dignity and respect.

We hold this sacred space to pay homage and reverence to the lives of those who died and those who spent countless hours working for and on behalf of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Contributors in the fight to End AIDS for the past 40 years include: Donors, Doctors, Testers, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Advocates, Outreach Workers, Office Staff, and more.

Alan Bell
Albert Washington
Anita Nelson
Anthony Singleton
Ariel Carrington
Aunsha Hall
Billie Cooper
Boyd Bowen
Bridgett Gordon
C. Chela Demuir
Cardel Young
Carl Bean
Carl Highshaw
Carolyn Martin
Carrie Broadus
Charles McWells
Charlie Parker
Christine -MAP
Christopher Blades
Christopher Webb
Clarrissa Pettijohn
Congresswoman Juanita Millender Mc Donald
Congresswoman Karen Bass
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Connie Chavers
Cynthia Davis
Danielle Campbell
Danny Tabor
Darius Mayfield
Darnell Green
David Malebranche
Debra Wafford
Dr Gisele Biamby
Dr. Derrick Butler
Dr. Eko Sye
Dr. Eric Bean
Dr. G. Massionate
Dr. Sherridon Ross
Dr. Wilbert Jordan
Dr. William King
Duane Taylor
Ebony Harper
Edward Smith
Gabriel Maldonado
Garry Starr
Gary Logan
George M Johnson
Gerald Garth
Gilberto Gerald
Greg Wilson
Jack Mizarahi
Jamar Rogers
James Breedlove
Jasmyne Cannick
Javontae Wilson
Javonte Williams
Jeffrey King
Jerry Morris
Jurnee Smollett
Jussie Smollett
Kellii Von Trombacco
Kelvin Boatman
Kevin C. Spears
Lauren Metoyer
Lawrence Dotson
Mallery Jenna Robinson
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Mary Ashley
Mayor Asia Brown in Compton
Merrill Crump
Michael Everett
Michael Fields
Michael Murrley
Mike Neeley
Mrs. Claudia Spears
Nathan Hale Williams
Nina Barkers
Nina Harawa
Nola Thomas
Paris Barkley
Parnell Marcano
Phill Wilson
Principle at the KDMMHS
Rev. Andrew Robinson-Gaither
Rev. Curt Thomas
Rev. Darlene Watley
Rev. Edward Hansen
Rev. Freeda
Rev. Leontyne T.C. Kelly
Rev. Leslie Burke
Rev. Thornhill
Richard Hamilton
Ron Turner
Ronald Jackson
Rudy Carn
Ruth Slaughter
Ruth Waters
Sandra Rogers
Scott Wimberly
Stacy Alford
State Senator Holly Mitchell
Steven Fleming
Steven Simon
Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas
Sylvia Drew Ivie
Tabita Thigpen
Terri Tinsley
Terry Allen
Thelma Mc Clinton
Tina Stephens
Tony Wafford
Tony Walk
Tracee McDaniels
Traci Bivens-Davis
Valerie C. Spencer
Vallerie Wagner
Vera -MAP
Victor Mc Camie
Webster Guillory
Wendell Carmichael
Wendell Glenn
Wes Sholes
William Draden
Zella Gildon

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