Pouring Into Each Other


The Essence of a Thing

By Love Ta’Shia Asanti

wisdom seeks minds to teach
love searches for open hearts to nurture
water flows to a seed that needs to grow
healing medicine reaches for the wounded

we are that wisdom, love, water, and healing
God’s hand over our Mother earth
unconditional prayers spoken to the universe
sweet rain on the garden of humanity

and we must pour…
until hate becomes open communication
until competition becomes collectivism
we must pour!
until none of us are hungry, afraid, alone, or without
let us pour until the water is free of old pain
until forgiveness washes over each other in waterfalls
until the day comes that we can see the us in them and the them in us

in every ocean, river, lake, and pond
there is the proof of life being poured
just as in every soul
there is evidence of the Most High having poured into us
there is but one gift sufficient to return this blessing
us pouring into each other

as this stone is placed
as the sankofa bird takes its rightful position
as the spirit of water is returned to the earth
let us venture to this monument to remember
that we must always pour
for wisdom
for love
for healing
and to ensure our collective tree continues to grow forever

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